CH:HVS (v0.1.0)

This is the Continuous Integration Build of the Hopital Profiles Implementation Guide, based on FHIR Version 4.0.0. (will be incorrect/inconsistent at times).

HVS Implementation Guide


This implementation guide is provided to support the use of FHIR®© in the HVS context.

This document is a working specification that is expected to be implemented and tested by FHIR®© system producers to enable feedback and improve the content of this guide.


This document presents Swiss use concepts defined via FHIR processable artefacts; these are collaborative outputs with agreed approaches to varied kinds of healthcare related information based on the core FHIR R4 specification.

  • Profiles - are useful constraints of core FHIR resources and datatype for HVS use
  • Extensions - are FHIR extensions that are added for local use, covering needed HVS concepts
  • Terminologies - are defined or referenced code systems and value sets for HVS context

FHIR profiles are managed under Hopital du Valais:


This guide is the product of collaborative work undertaken with participants from:

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